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Speakers - Technology

We have a vast database of speakers on technology that are available for events and after dinner speaking - whether live or virtual.

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Peter Cochrane OBE

Spencer Kelly

Baroness Martha Lane Fox

Sir Ian Livingstone

Brent Hoberman.jpg

Brent Hoberman CBE


Dr. Melissa Sterry

No matter how much we think we understand about the modern digital age of technology, few would dispute it’s one of the fastest evolving areas in our society today. With its rapid development, it’s clear with each discovery and invention, new doors are being opened affecting the future of employment, lifestyle, the way we teach and learn, business management, the leisure industry.

Never has this been emphasised more than in the evolution of the internet, computer and software technology, in FinTech or financial banking, virtual reality, communication, artificial intelligence and robotics, engineering and forecasting.

Our innovative technology speakers and gurus highlight and inform from on scientific and electronic levels on a business and personal perspective.

Our speakers are available in a live or virtual capacity. 

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