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Dr. Melissa Sterry

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A transdisciplinary design scientist and complex system’s theorist, Dr Melissa is a world-leading authority on the science, technology, design and thinking that could help humanity to build a better world. Her work focuses on projects that chart unprecedented, conceptual, creative and commercial, potentialities including several first-to-market start-ups and as such has vast experience of working globally with leading edge ideas, individuals and institutions. 

Multi award-winning, Melissa is in great demand. Her presentations are innovative, motivational and insightful. 


One of the world’s highest profile design scientists, futurologists and sustainability innovation strategists, Melissa’s work focuses on emerging and future sustainable projects in the construction, utilities, manufacturing, design, materials, publishing, media and communications industries and consults to both executive-level and private and public sector clients across the globe.

A graduate of the world’s first interdisciplinary design bachelor’s degree course, she started her career working with both traditional and emerging digital design and communications media, founding her first business within a year of graduation. She has since founded and directed several high-profile projects.    

 She was the founder of Societas, a sustainability think tank and collaborative laboratory and is founder and director of Bionic City, which poses the question “how would nature design a city?” 

Multi award-winning, Melissa has vast experience working on the cutting edge of innovation at executive board level mainly with first-to-market start-ups. She is frequently featured in the media on film, radio, television and in publications including podcasts, interviews and fly on the wall documentaries.

Since 2010, Melissa has conducted transdisciplinary research into the potential for building urban and per-urban resilience to major meteorological, geological and ecological disruptions through the mimicry of the biochemistries behaviours, relationships and systems of flora, fauna and the assemblages the form.

Melissa is in great demand as a keynote speaker, panellist or panellist chair and workshop host. Her presentations cover a wide range of topics and she is equally at home whether discussing biometrics or the future of telecommunications and confectionary. To date she has appeared at numerous seminars and international conferences in the UK, USA, across Europe and in Russia. Her presentations are innovative, motivational and insightful. 

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