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Speakers - Leadership & Entrepreneurship

We have a vast database of leadership and entrepreneurship speakers that are available for events and after dinner speaking - whether live or virtual.

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Baroness Karren Brady

Richard Reed CBE

James Caan CBE

Dr. Jonas Ridderstrale

BJ Cunningham.png

BJ Cunningham

Ellis Watson

Every thriving business is derived from a ‘great idea’. The level of success is dependant on cultivating that idea through inspirational drive and passion, thus creating a desirable marketable brand, service or resource. Having created the commodity, ambition, determination, commitment, vision and motivation of your workforce become vital in helping maintain financial stability and dealing with change management for company growth whether your enterprise be an SME start-up or global organisation. 

But it’s not just business and industry where leadership is important.

Choose from our database of world leaders, political speakers, sporting heroes, polar explorers, exploration leaders and champions of endurance.

The speakers we represent are available in a live or virtual capacity.

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