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Richard Reed

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Richard Reed’s business acumen was evident from an early age when, while still at school, he set up his own gardening business Two Men Went to Mow, employing his school friends. He went on to become Co-Founder of the award-winning company Innocent drinks and subsequently launched Jam Jar Investments, a fund to help support up-coming entrepreneurs. 

His presentations impart a wealth of knowledge on how to create and expand a successful business the importance of social responsibility and customer service.


Richard Reed’s entrepreneurial career began at an early aged when he set up his own gardening business called Two Men Went To Mow for which he employed his school friends. 

He went on to become an undergraduate at Cambridge University where the idea for Innocent drinks was born. Teaming up with two fellow students, Richard spent time developing various recipes for fresh fruit drinks ultimately deciding to test the results on a wider audience. The trio sold their smoothies at a music festival with instant success and so, with the backing of Maurice Pinto, an American businessman, the company that was to become known as Innocent was founded.

Innocent was ultimately sold to Coca Cola and Richard went on to write a film script and launch a fund called Jam Jar, set up to help fund the up and coming new wave of entrepreneurs. 

Now, multi award-winning Richard is heralded as one of the UK’s best-known business leaders.

Other roles of particular note have included; acting as a non-executive Director on the Department of Energy and Climate Change, sitting on the Development Board of Oxfam, acting as a government advisor on entrepreneurship and sitting on the Small Businesses Council

He also presented the BBC Three series Be Your Own Boss, encouraging 500 young people to hone their entrepreneurial skills, ultimately investing in three of the ventures from the programme.

An engaging and inspirational speaker, Richards particular areas of expertise cover; entrepreneurship, marketing and management. 

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