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Entertainers - Celebrity Masterchef

Contact us for a list of Masterchef winners, judges, presenters, available for a variety of events live or in a virtual capacity. 

2022 - Eddie Scott
2021 - Kadeena Cox MBE
2020 - Riyadh Khalaf
2018 - John Partridge
2019 - Greg Rutherford MBE
2017 - Angellica Bell
2016 - Alexis Conran
2015 - Kimberly Wyatt
2014 - Sophie Thompson
2013 - Ade Edmondson
2012 - Emma Kennedy
2011 - Phil Vickery
2010 - Lisa Faulkner
2009 - Jayne Middlemiss
John Torrode.jpg

John Torode MBE

Monica Galetti_edited.jpg

Monica Galetti

Greg Wallace.jpg

Greg Wallace MBE

Phil Vickery.jpg

Phil Vickery MBE

lisa faulkner.jpg

Lisa Faulkner

Matt Dawson_edited.jpg

Matt Dawson MBE

2008 - Liz McClarnon
2007 - Nadia Sawalha
2006 - Matt Dawson MBE

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Heralded as the toughest amateur cooking competition and the perfect food related reality show for any foodie fan, Masterchef has spawned a number of follow-up series including; Celebrity Masterchef, Masterchef:The Proefssionals and Junior Masterchef. Such is the shows popularity, it has been replicated in various forms in 60 territories worldwide. The format may have evolved over the years but the premise remains the same, to find and crown a Masterchef from a number of competent home cooks, celebrities, aspiring young chefs or gourmet  professionals.

Originally presented by Loyd Grosman, followed by the late Gary Rhodes, John Torode and Gregg Wallace have now made the series their own with top Michelin Star professionals making guest judging appearances along the way including Marcus Waring and Monica Galetti leading the way on Masterchef:The Professionals. Over the years, competitors have been required to create their own meals from freshly sourced produce including vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and dairy products, work in a professional kitchen (either in a 5 star hotel or restaurant situation), cater for hungry film crews on location or the armed forces in the field. At Masterchef headquarters, in addition to creating a show stopping signature dish and two course meal, contestants are set a number of non cooking tests including the palate taste test, passion test – convincing judges of their love for cooking. 

There is no denying this show has provided many a would-be chef with the culinary skills to go on and achieve life changing opportunities.

Please contact one of our friendly advisors to discuss your individual needs and budget. 

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