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We have a vast array of travel experts, naturalists and environmentalists on our database, all available as after dinner speakers and awards hosts, whether in a live or virtual capacity.

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Matt Baker

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Chris Packham CBE

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Davina McCall


Michael Portillo


Neil Oliver

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Simon Reeve

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The impact to wildlife, nature and the environment from global warming, industrial waste, use of fossil fuels and non-biodegradable plastics have long been of concern. Likewise the use of chemicals in pesticides, battery farming to increase productivity and changes to fishing regulations have also contributed to issues with the balance of nature and the food chain. Many of our rarer animal species are under threat of extinction from change to natural habitat and trophy hunting sports while rain forests and woodlands are being destroyed for profitable gain and housing purposes. All of this is resulting in devasting changes to the planet and eco-systems. Something has to be done before its too late.

At Trading Faces, we are proud to represent a large number of environmentalists, ecologists, conservationists and wildlife experts, highly experienced in all areas of the natural world.

Available for keynote conference speeches, seminars, educational presentations, awards hosting and after dinner speaking events in a live or virtual capacity.

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