Speakers - Futurologists

James Alexander

Dr James Bellini

Raymond Hammond

Magnus Lindkvist

Hamish McRae

Dr Ian Pearson

Who would have predicated just a few years ago how much impact the arrival of the internet and rapid pace of technology development would have on our society! The advancements in social media, artificial intelligence (Ai), robotics, FinTech banking, smart home technology, impact on sustainability and changes to the working environment all pose the question what next particularly for our roles in business and industry.

Choose from our database of futurologists, trend spotters, analysts and innovators all in great demand for their visionary abilities and expertise. Available as conference hosts, facilitators, business commentators and after dinner speakers covering a wide variety of business related topics.

Our futurologists may be booked in a live or virtual capacity. Call us for friendly advice on specific needs at a price right for you.

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