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James Alexander

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An outstanding visionary, James was co-founder and Executive Director of Zopa, the world’s first and Europe’s largest P2P lender and prior to this Strategy Director at Egg. He has worked as a growth strategy consultant at The Foundation, a company helping businesses to develop growth and customer focused strategies and subsequently became a Director of In order to get his message of energy and sustainability across, James discusses positive ways to approach disruption, innovation and foresight relating to future trends, technology, online finance and customer relationships

Away from business, James is a committed environmentalist and campaigner. He has been associated with such organisations as the RSPB, Suffolk Wildlife Trust and


James Alexander has been described as an exceptional visionary whose business enterprise is one of a very few likely to change the world.

Early career success came with his involvement in the development of Smile, the Co-operative Bank’s online division at a time when he was working for LEK Consulting. He went on to become a Strategy Director for EGG during which time he launched their pioneering digital TV and mobile services. Not only did he oversee the company’s rapid periods of growth in the UK but prepared the foundations for the company’s transition into the US market.

James went on to serve as CEO and board director of ZOPA (zone of possible agreement) the revolutionary online lending and borrowing marketplace, subsequently leaving to become a Partner at The Foundation, helping businesses develop growth and customer focused strategies.

He has also worked with Future Agenda, exploring solutions to future global challenges and currently is observing disruption in a variety of industries, primarily financial in a bid to improve innovation strategies in established companies.

In addition, James is a committed environmental campaigner. His roles have seen him as a trustee of Green Thing and the RSPB. He is also Chair of GEN Community Ventures.

James’ presentations cover such topics as; energy and sustainability, social responsibility, creative thinking and digital and online business.

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