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Dr James Bellini

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James has a long and distinguished career as an internationally acclaimed analyst, writer, conference chairman and speaker, specializing in information technology, retailing, economic overview, reputation, online business and, brand values and world economic patterns. He has also been a regular broadcaster on such shows as The Money Programme, Tonight and Panorama.


Following an early academic career in defence and military strategy, James Bellini went on to become the first British member of the Hudson Institute – the US think tank and then Head of Political Studies at the Institute’s European division in Paris. 

He now concentrates on dividing his time between analysing the way we live and work, the shift and balance of economic powers and its impact on the world’s financial centres, emerging technologies, the ageing population and the rise of a billion-strong global middle class in addition to carving himself an acclaimed reputation as a writer and presenter.

In his presentations, James specializes in future issues affecting business covering focus on brand values and corporate reputation within retail, financial services, the changing balance of world economic power the impact of new technologies, innovation and IT sectors.

No stranger to television, he has presented The Money Programme, Tonight and Panorama and also spent three years as editor and presenter of Financial Times Television before moving to Sky News. Among his numerous award-winning credits, James wrote and narrated the 12 part series Nuclear Age.

The author or co-author of a number of best-selling books, titles include The Bullshit Factor which explores the role of the psyche in corporate success and failure and examines the psychological drivers of 21st century companies.

His presentations are thought provoking and insightful and he is also an accomplished conference facilitator and panel chair.

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