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Speakers - Environmentalists

We have a vast database of environmentalists that are available for events and after dinner speaking - whether live or virtual.

Nick Baker

Sir Jonathon Porritt

Prof. Chris Baines

Simon Reeve

Chris Packham CBE

Bill Roedy

Ever since meteorologists and scientists began raising awareness on the affects of global warming, climate change and our planet’s eco-systems, questions have been asked on the use of fossil fuels, non-reusable sustainable alternatives, corporate responsibility and the disposal of industrial waste. These same issues reflect the way we live and the impending outcome to future generations. The use of non-biodegradable plastics alone is having a devasting effect on wildlife and the impact on our natural resources, recycling and the food chain all of which are key not just to the economic success of industry but the balance of nature as a whole.

Choose from our database of environmentalists, meteorologists, sustainability experts, naturalists, wildlife experts and conservationists.

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