Nick Baker

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Passionate about wildlife, sustainability and green issues, Nick Baker is a television naturalist and conference speaker famed for presenting such programmes as The Really Wild Show, Tomorrow’s World, Autumnwatch Unsprung, Springwatch Unsprung and Weird Creatures to name but a few He is also involved with a number of well-known organizations such as the RSPB, Buglife, Butterfly Conservation, The Seahorse Trust and various local Wildlife Trusts. Nick engages his audiences large or small, with an enthusiastic approach to the wonders of the natural world.


As an explorer, naturalist, wildlife and science presenter Nick Baker offers passion, excitement and incredible drive in his dynamic presentations. During his career, he has visited some of the wildest parts of the planet in search of the weird and bizarre when it comes to our most incredible creatures. His television presenting credits include; Springwatch in the Afternoon for BBC2 (a live programme), Autumnwatch Unsprung, Winterwatch Unsprung both for BBC2, Weird Creatures C5/Animal Planet, the Nick’s Quest series and Nick Baker’s Beautiful Freaks to name but a few. Nick’s knowledge and experience is extensive in the broadest sense having explored natural history and science on land and in the ocean as well as conservation and extinction. In the US, Nick was one of National Geographic’s Ultimate Explorers covering anti-poaching patrols in Cambodia, Yellowstone to Yukon natural area, the Ebola outbreak in the Congo and emergent zoonotic viruses. 

Away from the natural world, Nick has a passion for cycling and has a great knowledge of bikes. Other hobbies include running and cycling. Nick is available both as a presenter, keynote speaker at corporate events and as an awards host.

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