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Sir Jonathon

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A highly prominent campaigner for the Green Party, Sir Jonathon’s passionate & effective efforts have raised public awareness & swayed government & business thinking. Former Chair of the Board of Commissioners of the Sustainable Development Commission, independent advisors to the government, the emphasis of his work has centred on the solution rather than the problem in key issues such as nuclear power, social and economic matters. His aim is for clean technology and a fairer model for economic growth. 


Heralded by Tony Blair as ‘one of the most prominent voices promoting green issues over the last twenty five years’ Jonathon Porritt is one of our most active environmental campaigners. His belief remains that we will feel the greater effects of global warming sooner rather than later and as such, described his vision for a sustainable planet in his book The World We Made. 

Jonathon first came to the fore first as a member of the Green Party and then as Director of Friends of the Earth and during his career has not only raised public awareness but helped to sway thinking among government and corporate ranks.

He has served as chair of the board of commissioners of the Sustainable Development Commission, the Government’s independent advisor, their role, to provide evidence-based public reports on contentious environmental issues, which is then passed to key members. 

Much of Jonathon’s work has centred on providing solutions to the problems and encouraged the use of best possible environmental practices across the widest audience, from scientists to school children, activists to businessmen. His aim is for clean technology and a fairer model for economic growth. 

A regular contributor in the media, in print, on television and radio, his book How To Save The Earth was made into a Channel 4 series.

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