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We have a vast array of property experts and financial advisors available as after dinner speakers or presenters for all manner of corporate events, whether in a live or virtual capacity.


Kirstie Allsopp

Steph McGovern.jpg

Steph McGovern

Maxwell Hutchinson.jpg

Maxwell Hutchinson

Martin Roberts.jpg

Martin Roberts

Paul Lewis.jpg

Paul Lewis

Phil Spencer.jpg

Phil Spencer

No matter who we are or where we’re from, property and finance loom large in all our lives. Whether we are looking to buy, build or furnish a home, expand on business premises, 

re-locate, are involved in interior design, garden landscaping or looking for advice on pension plans, investments, business loans or debt management, we can provide a vast array of; financial advisors, architects well versed in eco-friendly, energy saving design, interior designers and DIY experts, complimented by restorers and experts in renovation, gardeners and horticulturalists with a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips and  sustainability in mind. 

Whether you are looking for a conference speaker, event host, specialist exhibition demonstration, judge or celebrity V.I.P for Q and A sessions and/or personal appearances, we can help. Your audience is guaranteed to leave feeling fully informed.

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements and budget.

Our experts are available in a live or virtual capacity.

Price Codes


Over £20K

£10K to £20K

£5K to £10K

£3K to £5K

£1K to £3K


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