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Speakers - Marketing & Branding

We have a vast database of marketing and branding speakers that are available for events and after dinner speaking - whether live or virtual.

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Over £20K

£10K to £20K

£5K to £10K

£3K to £5K

£1K to £3K


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Rita Clifton CBE

David Jones

Rupert Gavin

Mark Simmons

Mike Harris

Allyson Stewart-Allen

Having created a business or service, the key to sustained success lies with exceptional customer service, good communication and of course creative marketing strategies and branding. Good promotion is essential but relies heavily on a firm foundation platform attributed to defined branding, an asset in building customer confidence and trust. For almost three decades, Trading Faces has worked closely with leading PR companies to provide the right celebrity for your advertising campaign, product launch and endorsements. Equally we provide top marketing and branding keynote speakers covering a wide variety of commodities, merchandise and public services.

Call one of our friendly advisors to discuss requirements at a budget to suit you.

Speakers are available live or in a virtual capacity. 

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