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Mike Harris

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Mike Harris is the   Creator of IconicShift mentoring, Founder of Firstdirect and Egg, ex CEO of Mercury Communications, Britain’s second largest telecommunications operator and Former chairman of Garlik online identity specialists. Innovative with a methodical approach, his presentations contain a vast array of practical tips derived from first-hand experience and hands on technique which can be applied to both personal and professional development. Speech topics include; customer service leadership and strategy, developing financial institutions, transformation, entrepreneurship, technology driven change, innovation and creative thinking.


Mike Harris began his career in IT banking at the Midland Bank now known as HSBC. He went on to launch the world’s first telephone and internet banking systems, EGG, First Direct and Garlik. Other roles include work in connection with Difference Engine inc, a business consultancy that helps entrepreneurs achieve breakthrough results in all sizes of company and organization, Chairman of Medivet, Chairman of KYND, ex CEO of Mercury Communications, Britain’s second largest telecommunications operator and the Founder of Find Your Lightbulb Ltd creator of IconicShift mentoring.

Mike’s strategy for success in business is quite simply to stay one or two steps ahead of the game. His approach to this is to create business models that challenge and transform the industries in which they operate.

Mike’s presentations offer a wealth of practical tips, hands-on techniques and real-life stories all of which can be related to his audiences personal and professional experiences. Dynamic and motivating, they are designed to provoke and help development on both a business and personal level and include information on technology driven change, how to overcome the challenges faced by financial, organizational and IT barriers, entrepreneurship, customer service, leadership, innovation and creative thinking. 

In addition Mike is the author of a number of books including; How Not To Fail At The Big Stuff, which looks at mistakes in business and what can be learned from them and That’ll Never Work which explores the reasons for innovation failure and success against the odds.

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