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Rt Hon Lord
William Hague

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William Hague first came to prominence when he took the Conservative Party Conference by storm as a student. He went on to become the MP for Richmond, Yorkshire and rise through the ranks to hold such positions as Foreign Secretary and Leader of the Conservative Party. Having left the political world, William concentrates his time on humanitarian projects and helping to abolish illegal trading in wildlife.


William Hague first came to the fore as a schoolboy when he took the Tory Party Conference and media by storm at the Conservative Party Conference. Born in Yorkshire and educated at the local comprehensive before going on to graduate from Oxford University, William began his career in management consultancy before becoming MP for Richmond, Yorkshire, a role he fulfilled for 26 years. 

During his time in politics, William became a prominent figure enjoying a meteoric rise through the ranks to Leader of the Conservative Party later serving as Foreign Secretary for four years. During this period, he faced turbulent issues in Syria and Libya, the Ukraine crisis, oversaw the withdrawal from Afghanistan, managed the struggle against terrorism and relations with Europe, was responsible for two of Britain’s intelligence agencies and led the negotiating team that helped establish the 2010 coalition government. He is also the most travelled Foreign Secretary in history. William completed his parliamentary career as First Secretary of State and Leader of the House of Commons.

Having stepped down from parliament, William focuses his skills on his humanitarian work with the Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative he co-founded with Angelina Jolie Pitt. He also works to abolish illegal trade in wildlife and is a regular columnist on The Daily Telegraph.

On the corporate circuit, William draws on his wealth of experience from the political world to discuss different styles of leadership and the pitfalls of politics all which are delivered with a great deal of wit and natural comic timing. An accomplished historian, he is also the writer of two bestsellers and winner of the History Book of the Year Award.

William is available as a political speaker or conference host.

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