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Speakers - Political

We have a vast database of political speakers that are available for events and after dinner speaking - whether live or virtual.

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Lord Andrew Adonis

Rt Hon Lord William Hague

Alastair Campbell

Lord Peter Mandleson

Rt Hon Lord Alistair Darling

Michael Portillo

The corridors of power play a significant role in the way we live our lives, so it’s perhaps not surprising that political speakers are among those most in demand. Highly experienced in public service whether it be at government level or from working directly within the community via local council or in a liaison capacity, our speakers can convey a wealth of knowledge on everything from the economic climate and fiscal strategies to environmental issues, the National Health Service,  social care, sustainable energy, education, housing, the Board of Trade, industrial and business strategy, defence, work and pensions, international fishing laws, farming, food and rural affairs, crime and justice,  culture, media, sport, life in the Civil Service, international affairs and Commonwealth development.

Renowned for their eloquent speaking style and no-nonsense approach, many of those speakers on our database who relate to politics are themselves former Members of Parliament or parliamentary secretaries with ministerial expertise at their fingertips. They are well versed in delivering keynote presentations at conferences, summits, seminars, forums and in leading debates.

If after dinner political satire and humour is what you’re looking for, choose from our after dinner political speaker section, all guaranteed to entertain with sharp witted rhetoric and repartee. 

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