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Peter Mandleson

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A former advisor to Neil Kinnock, Peter’s expertise lay in strategy and communication. He was later made Business Secretary by Gordon Brown and has since been given a seat in The House of Lords. Following his departure from government, Peter has been linked to a number of roles at the International Monetary Fund and World Trade Organization and in 2015, he was made President of The Great Britain China Centre. As a speaker, specialist topics include the future of Europe, global trade, transforming government, creating regional growth and dynamic political leadership.


Peter Mandelson was educated at St Catherine’s College, Oxford where he read philosophy, politics and economics. During this period, he became chairman of the British Youth Council. In the 70’s he also served as a member of the Young Communist League and became a member of the Oxford University Labour Club from which he resigned in the early 80’s due to his disillusionment with the state of Labour politics.

His early career saw him work as an economist at the Trades Union Congress and as a television producer on current affairs programmes.

In 1985, then Labour Party Leader Neil Kinnock appointed Peter as the party’s director on communications and he was later elected to parliament as MP for Hartlepool in the 1992 General Election. 

Peter’s first role in office was as Secretary of State for Trade and Industry where he was responsible for introducing the minimum working wage. In 1999 he became Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, a post he held until 2001, a role he followed by becoming EU Commissioner for Trade, which led to his appointment as Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform.

At the height of his parliamentary career, Peter was elevated to the role of deputy Prime Minister.

On leaving the Cabinet, Peter became chairman of the consultancy firm, Global Counsel, has served as UK chairman of the UK-Japan 21st Century Group, an honorary chairman of Policy Network an international think tank and President of The Great Britain China Centre.

A highly informed, well-travelled lecturer and conference speaker, Peter is in demand on the corporate circuit all over Europe, Asia and the USA.

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