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Speakers - International

We have a vast database of international speakers that are available for events and after dinner speaking - whether live or virtual.

Price Codes


Over £20K

£10K to £20K

£5K to £10K

£3K to £5K

£1K to £3K


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Alistair Bunkall

Inma Martinez

Jeremy Gilley

Dr. Jonas Ridderstrale

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown

John Simpson.jpg

John Simpson CBE

With constantly improving travel and transport links, upgrades to satellite technology and communications and changes in the way we work, the world in which we live is becoming an increasingly smaller place. And now that taking part in multiple forums and conferences via virtual means across the globe in a single day is a reality, our speakers and presenters are all available on a truly international level. 

Choose from our vast database of conference, keynote, motivational, business and political speakers many of whom have multi-lingual skills, presenting in a number of different languages from inside and outside the European Union.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please contact one of our friendly advisors for a full list of speakers, more information or to book a speaker. Available in a live or virtual capacity.

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