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Rt Hon Lord
Alistair Darling

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Alistair Darling qualified as a solicitor and barrister before embarking on his political career where he first made an impact as MP for Edinburgh Central during Tony Blair’s administration. Promoted to the Treasury under Gordon Brown, Alistair ultimately served as Chancellor of the Exchequer enjoying a 28 year period in parliament. He also led the campaign to keep Scotland in the UK.

His presentations cover such topics as austerity and the financial markets. Away from politics and business interests, Alistair is a keen fisherman and enjoys long walks in the Hebrides.


Alistair Darling trained and worked as a solicitor in Edinburgh and was called to the Scottish Bar before entering into politics during Tony Blair’s administration as MP for Edinburgh Central. His first role was as Chief Secretary to the Treasury before moving to Work and Pensions, the Scottish Office, the Department of Transport and finally Trade and Industry.

Promoted to the Treasury under Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Alistair served as Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2007 to 2010, controlling the country’s finances during one of the most serious and difficult economic crises in British history. His measures are considered largely responsible for averting the collapse of the banking system and helping to restore financial stability in the monetary markets on a global scale. By the time Alistair left office, not only were government borrowing figures lower than anticipated but unemployment numbers and home repossessions were also less than expected.

Alistair’s period in parliament lasted 28 years after which he led the Better Together campaign to keep Scotland as part of the UK. 

Much in demand on the corporate circuit, Alistair is able to view parliament and the financial system from varying angles. His main topics of speech cover economic overview and the political landscape.

In what little spare time Alistair has, he enjoys nothing more than walking in the Hebrides, fishing and spending time with his family.

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