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Alain Robert

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Known as the French Spiderman, Alain Robert is an urban free- climber best known for scaling some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers. Despite suffering from vertigo, Alain chooses not to use the protection of ropes. Not surprisingly his spectacular attempts attract a huge amount of media coverage and he has won several awards. A qualified rock-climbing instructor, Alain presents in English or French using remarkable footage of his achievements.


Born in Dijon, France, Alain Robert is a professional rock climber who has become known as the French Spiderman for his extreme solo climbing technique. Despite battling vertigo, over the years Alain has developed his skills to scale numerous skyscrapers and tall buildings around the world, without the aid of ropes or safety equipment and thus created a new sport known as urban climbing.

Alain’s ability has been developed as a result of years of fitness training coupled with a vast amount of rock climbing practice that has seen him become well versed in the art of cramming his fingers into small cracks and crevices, allowing him to hang from balconies and the like as well as climb using small protrusions such as window frames and ledges.

Alain has scaled numerous buildings worldwide including; Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower, the Lloyds Building, The Petronas Towers, the Cheung Kong Centre, the empire State Building and the twisted Cayan Tower in Dubai, all with nothing to aid him but a pair of climbing shoes and a bag of chalk.

Because of the risks involved on such exploits, many of Alain’s climbs are performed without the permission of relevant authorities. As a result, Alain has been arrested on numerous occasions for his efforts, however, this has never deterred him. He has won multiple awards and attracted hundreds of thousands of spectators at his climbs. His story has also resulted in 3D feature film, The Web of Life.

Alain is in much demand to recount his adventures as a motivational speaker at conferences, conventions and seminars which he does in French or English. His presentations are prepared with the same meticulous detail as his climbs and discuss the unbreakable concentration, focus and self-confidence and leadership qualities required to achieve such feats. 

Using remarkable footage of his exploits to illustrate his speeches, Alain also organizes incentive trips and offers certified training and instruction.

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