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Steve Davis
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Born in London, Steve Davis has won more professional snooker titles than any other player in the sport including 6 World Championships during the 1980's. In recent years he has established himself as a popular after dinner speaker and is a regular pundit and commentator for the BBC's snooker coverage.


A giant in the world of snooker, Steve Davis dominated the sport during the 80’s, the decade in which he won his first major trophy. He went on to win a total of six World Championship titles. During his phenomenal career, in all he racked up an amazing 71 major titles including the 1997 Masters victory which came at a time when Steve was considered to be past his prime and he also holds the honour of scoring the first ever televised maximum 147 break for which he received the prize of a Lada estate car. Among his other accolades Steve can list the much coveted Sports Personality of the Year Award. 

Steve is now heavily involved in the media, where he has become a multi-talented sports pundit, commentator and radio presenter. He has also embraced the world of social media and made numerous guest appearances on various sports quiz shows and commercials in addition to becoming published author. His popularity is doubtless enhanced by his excessively dry sense of humour.

Apart from his unparalleled achievements in snooker, Steve has also scored considerable success at the pool table, is a keen poker player and has more than a passing interest in chess.

As a after dinner speaker, Steve reflects on the highs and lows of his esteemed and varied career. He is also available for personal appearances.

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