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Steve Backshall left education with a degree in English and theatre studies and went on to become a martial arts black belt having studied in Japan during which time he learnt to speak the language. His insatiable quest for adventure and passion for natural history and the environment, have since led him into some tight spots but simultaneously resulted in him becoming one of TV’s best-known adventurers and wildlife presenters. He is instantly recognized for his work on such shows as Britain’s Lost World, The One Show, The Nature of Britain, The Really Wild Show, Animals After Dark, Backshall’s Deadly Adventures, Steve Backshall’s extreme Mountain Challenge, Deadly Pole to Pole and Expedition with Steve Backshall. His presentations cover wildlife related issues, conservation, exploration and adventure.


Adventurer extraordinaire, Steve Backshall has an insatiable passion for the wild world around him and has done ever since he was a small child.

Having taken a degree in English and Theatre Studies at Exeter University, Steve moved to Japan where he studied martial arts, gaining a black belt. Over the years he became involved in writing for the Indonesian Rough Guides which saw him become conversant with local languages, drink blood with previously unconnected tribes, almost get shot in riots in East Timor, come face to face with Komodo Dragons and attempt to walk across Irian Jaya.

As a result, Steve developed ideas for a television series and made tracks for the Colombian jungle where he wrangled with snakes and ended up in jail, through no fault of his own. His resulting videos were snapped up by National Geographic International Channel with Steve employed as ‘Adventurer in Residence’, producing, filming and presenting adventure and natural history programmes.

Steve has circumnavigated the globe on numerous occasions and taken on some of the world’s greatest challenges in the process. For example, he has; ventured into the Sinai Desert, tackled the Israeli paratrooper’s selection course, caught snakes of varying varieties including anacondas, vipers and cobras and made “The Ten Great Dives of the World” for the long running series Earthpulse.

In addition to his television work, Steve is a rock climber and mountaineer, competes in adventure races, fell runs and endurance sports and is an experienced BCU four-star white-water kayaker.

BAFTA nominated, aside from his adventuring, Steve has a love of reading and as such has not only written a number of books on wildlife but also some acclaimed works of fiction. He is also heavily involved with numerous wildlife and environmental charities.

Steve is available as a keynote, motivational or after dinner speaker, awards host/presenter and for celebrity personal appearances.

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