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Ronnie O'Sullivan
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Considered by many of his peers to be the most naturally talented of all snooker players, Ronnie has achieved World Champion status on 5 occasions to date in addition to a record seven Masters titles and six UK Championships. His rapid style of play has earned him the nickname ‘The Rocket’. He currently holds the record for the fastest maximum break.


Ronnie is considered by many snooker experts to be one of the most naturally talented snooker players ever to grace the green baize. Using a fast attacking style of play that has earned him the nickname of The Rocket, Ronnie holds the record for scoring the fastest ever maximum 147 break which he completed in just five minutes 20 seconds in the 1997 World Championships against Mark Price.

A five time World Champion, Ronnie’s story is truly one of determination triumphing over adversity. It is a true testament to his strength of character and determination to better himself that he has reached the top in a career demanding complete dedication and commitment while handling the attention of the media in regard to the difficult circumstances affecting his formative years. 

In all he has won 33 major titles, these include; seven UK Championships and seven Masters titles amidst various other professional tournaments.

A sport lover in general, Ronnie has particular interests in athletics, boxing and tennis and is a keen runner. He also loves to cook and eat, Chinese food and is famous for his savoury curries!

In addition, Ronnie is passionate about cars and has competed in the Volkswagen Racing Cup at Silverstone in a Volkswagen Jetta car. 

The author of two autobiographies written with Simon Hattenshaw, Ronnie is also in demand on the corporate speaker circuit where he is available for motivational and after dinner speaking and for personal appearances.

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