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Phil Taylor
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Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor is quite simply the greatest player ever to have thrown a dart, winning an unprecedented 16 World Championships during his playing career along with numerous other titles to his credit. A protégé of the late Eric Bristow, Phil burst onto the darts scene at the end of the 1980’s, later taking his first major title from his former mentor. A highly popular figure, Taylor is an outstanding Ambassador for the sport.


Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor is arguably the greatest and most recognized darts player in the sport today. A protégé of Eric Bristow, Phil quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with and went  on to win an incredible 16 world Championships during his playing career along with 83 major titles in over 200 professional tournaments in places as far flung as Australia, Canada and China to name but a few.

Phil began his competitive darts career playing for the British Darts Organization but along with various other players, became disenchanted and went on the become a founder member of the WDC later renamed the Professional Darts Corporation. By 2006, Phil had broken through the £1,000,000 prize money ceiling, quite a contrast to the £50 a week he was earning as a factory worker! Over his career he has also performed numerous televised nine dart finishes, probably the most memorable against James Ward in the 2010 World Championships. 

Energetic, enthusiastic and humorous with a liberal sprinkling of determination, Phil is a popular choice as an after dinner speaker, presenting with a down-to-earth and humble approach, engaging well with his audience. Entertaining guests with anecdotes from his life and outstanding career, Phil is equally at home in front of a camera or microphone. His topics of speech cover darts, achieving goals, overcoming adversity and maximizing and maintaining success.

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