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Michael J Mosley
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A Journalist, doctor, producer and television presenter, Michael J Mosley is best known for his work on such programmes as The Story of Science, Trust Me I’m A Doctor and The One Show as resident medic. Having trained as a doctor, Michael decided to change track for a life in the media initially working behind the scenes on such programmes as Newsnight, Tomorrow’s World and Horizon. Other credits in front of the camera include; Make Me, 10 Things You Never Knew About Losing Weight and the BBC 2 series Blood and Guts

An Emmy and BAFTA nominee, Michael has also been named a former Journalist of the Year by The British Medical Association. Michael’s presentations cover a variety of topics from infectious diseases to the history of pharmaceuticals and the power of inventions.


Michael trained as a doctor at the Royal Free Hospital in London before deciding on a career with the BBC. He began work behind the camera on such programmes as Newsnight, Tomorrow’s World, Horizon and Trouble-shooter before going on to produce a number of science-based programmes including The Human Face, three series with Professor Winston and Inventions That Changed the World with Jeremy Clarkson.

As a presenter, he has worked on such shows as; Trust Me I’m A Doctor on BBC2, Horizon Special for BBC2, Life on the Ward for BBC1, Porton Down: Britain’s’ Secret Weapons Research Facility for BBC4, E-Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace for BBC2,  Make Me, 10 Things You Never Knew about Losing Weight, Blood and Guts, Inside The Human Body, Frontline Medicine and Medical Mavericks. He has written and presented on BBC2’s The Story of Science and is a regular science contributor on BBC1’s The One Show. Radio credits include; The Making of Modern Medicine for BBC Radio4.

His programmes relating to exercise and diet, The Truth About Exercise and Eat Fast, Live Longer have led to a great deal of media interest as a result of examining the benefits of short, high-intensity exercise and fasting for two days a week. He has also written a number of best-selling books on related subjects including the Clever Guts Diet, The Fast Diet, Fast Exercise and the 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet

During his career, Michael has received numerous BAFTA and Emmy nominations and been named Medical Journalist of the Year by the British Medical Association.

He is available for; conference and after dinner speaking or as a presenter and awards host.

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