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Martina Navratilova
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Undisputedly one of the greatest female tennis stars of all time, Martina won 18 Grand slam singles titles, 31 Grand Slam Doubles titles and 10 Grand Slam Mixed doubles titles during her playing career. The queen of Wimbledon’s Centre Court, she won the singles title a record 9 times. Since retiring from playing she has written a number of books, become a committed charity supporter and is much sought after as a tennis commentator.


When the young Martina Navratilova defected from Czechoslovakia to America in 1975 she had just one aim in mind, to become the greatest female tennis player of her age. It is probably safe to say she achieved her goal and more winning an incredible nine Wimbledon Singles titles along the way. 

During the height of her career, Martina enjoyed a fantastic 74 singles match winning streak, a 109 doubles match winning streak with Pam Shriver, took on her closest rival Chris Evert an amazing 80 times and won at least one tour event every year over 21 consecutive years. She took her last Grand Slam title at the age of 49 having amassed an incredible 59 Grand Slam titles including 18 singles titles, 31 women’s doubles and 10 mixed doubles and by the time she retired, had secured more tournament titles than any other tennis player in history, male or female.

Martina achieved her ambition with natural talent, hard work and determination and feels most true competitors aren’t put off by boundaries. 

In her presentations she shares her secrets on the key to becoming a champion.

Acknowledged as a staunch advocate for women’s issues, gay rights, animal welfare and the environment, Martina has gained immense respect on the global stage, as much admired for her honesty, courage, integrity and forthrightness as her sporting ability.

Still a player on the Legends Tennis Tour, Martina competes in exhibition matches all over the world she also commentates for BT Sport and BBC and is an accomplished thriller author, among her credits, Killer Instinct co written with Liz Nickles.

Martina is available as a keynote speaker, after dinner speaker, motivational speaker and for personal appearances.

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