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Mark Selby
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Mark Selby began playing snooker at the age of 16 and reached his first World Championship final in 2007, establishing himself as future star. Since then, Mark has won multi Masters titles, the UK Championships and the World Championships on a number of occasions. He was the ninth player to complete all three of Britain’s Triple Crown events. In addition to snooker, Mark has had similar success as a pool player. Nicknamed the Jester from Leicester, Mark has also been dubbed with the nickname Sat-Nav Selby by former World Champion Dennis Taylor for his ability to navigate his way out of impossible snooker situations. 


Top snooker player Mark Selby has not only established himself as one of the best in the game but is in great demand as a specialist speaker on the corporate circuit. Nicknamed ‘The Jester From Leicester’, Mark’s personality is reflected both in his game and his presentations.

His first professional tour came at just sixteen years of age and he has gone on to win three World Championships, three Master’s tournaments and two UK Championships among his accolades to date. He is one of a very few players to win all of snookers Triple Crown events and has numerous century breaks to his name.

Between competition matches and after dinner speaking engagements, Mark can be found taking part in exhibition events where his entertaining and witty appearances make him a firm favourite with snooker enthusiasts at both the corporate and private circuits.

Away from snooker, Mark enjoys nothing better than the odd game of darts one of his claims to fame being competing against and beating the late, great Eric Bristow. He has also taken part in Eight-ball tournaments and won the WEPF World Eight-ball Championships in 2006.

 As an after dinner speaker, Mark’s topics of speech include sporting success, Eight-ball and snooker.

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