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Kate Silverton
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Kate is a highly accomplished journalist, presenter and after dinner speaker. With versatility her middle name, Kate has studied Middle Eastern Politics, Psychology and Arabic and has also worked in corporate finance. In addition to reporting extensively from such places as Africa and the Middle East, she has presented for BBC Breakfast, BBC News 24 and The One Show. Kate also writes regularly on such topics as adolescent and adult health issues and programmes she has appeared in.


Kate Silverton is a highly accomplished, versatile journalist and popular presenter of BBC news, current affairs and entertainment programmes. 

She gained much recognition for her reporting from Iraq and is no stranger to danger having ventured into numerous front-line situations including reporting from Afghanistan.

A familiar anchor on the One O’clock, Six O’clock and Ten O’clock news for BBC One, she has also presented her own weekly radio show for BBC Five Live, debating topical news stories with prominent politicians and expert guests.

She has also interviewed HRH The Duke of Cambridge for a documentary of the levels of rhino poaching in South Africa and later went on co-host the Tusk Conservation Awards with the Duke in their respective roles as Patrons for the charity.

Kate has a wealth of experience on the corporate circuit and a popular choice for hosting award ceremonies and conferences, bringing personality, warmth and humour to proceedings.

Kate has a number of passions in life mostly linked to her academic roots in psychology, child development and children’s mental health issues. She now harbours an ambition to use her journalistic experience to raise awareness about emotional well-being in all walks of life and to become a children’s counsellor.

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