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John McEnroe
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World renowned former professional tennis star John McEnroe, won a total of 7 singles Grand Slam titles, including Wimbledon, 9 doubles and 1mixed double Grand Slam during his playing career. A combination of brilliance and controversy have contributed to his popularity over the years. Since his retirement, John has turned his hand to coaching and is much sought after as a commentator and analyst not least by the BBC for Wimbledon coverage.


Born in Germany, John McEnroe moved to America as a young child. Excelling at sport in his formative years, McEnroe took the tennis world by storm when, following his graduation from high school in 1997, he travelled to Europe winning the junior tournament at the French Open at the age of 18. He went onto reach the semi-finals at Wimbledon where he was defeated by Jimmy Connors. However, this proved to be a pivotal year in his career as a tennis player. Now heralded as one of the greatest players of all time, McEnroe became renowned for his flair, precision playing techniques, particularly with his volleying skills and his sometimes erratic temper on court. One thing cannot be denied and that is John’s passion for the game During his playing career, he amassed 7 Grand Slam titles in addition to a further 77 singles and 71 doubles titles. At Wimbledon he developed a long-standing rivalry with Bjorn Borg resulting in some of the greatest tennis battles in history and is a former captain of the USA Davis Cup team.

A natural commentator, since retiring from the game, McEnroe can frequently be found acting as a presenter and analyst at many major tournaments around the world. Other broadcasting credits include hosting game show The Chair and he also enjoyed a brief spell as a rock singer. 

John is available for after dinner speaking, motivational speaking and personal appearances.

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