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John Lowe
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In addition to winning the World Championships across three different decades, John also holds the honour for being the first darts player in history to achieve a nine-dart finish on television. He has gained the reputation of being the gentleman of darts, always displaying a high level of decorum and sportsmanship at the oche. A true legend of the sport, John regularly appears in corporate exhibition matches.


Frequently heralded as the gentleman of the dartboard, John Lowe is one of the greatest darts players to ever grace the oche. John’s credits include three world titles, two World Masters titles, two British Open and two World Cup singles. In a career that spans over 40 years, John can lay claim to being the first player to take three World Championships in three separate decades and the first to score a nine dart check out on television picking up a massive £102,000 in prize money for his efforts! Lowe’s longevity in the game is almost unprecedented. He captained England for seven years during which time he played over a hundred matches for his country with his team being unbeaten. In all, John has won over 1000 titles worldwide during his legendary career.

Away from the oche, John is in much demand on the corporate circuit. As an after dinner speaker, John recounts anecdotes from a lifetime in the sport, provides invaluable advice on how to achieve goals and highlights the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to reach peak performance. In addition to speaking, John is available for Q and A sessions, exhibitions and presentations.

A keen golfer, John is also the founder of the John Lowe Charity Golf Classic.

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