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Jason Bradbury

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Jason is instantly recognized as co-host of The Gadget Show UK and Gadget Show US. A highly experienced presenter, his talents are many and varied. Famed for his invention of the world’s first working jet-powered hoverboard, he is also licensed by the Home Office to build transmitters, is a qualified private pilot and honed his comedy skills performing as one half of a double act with David Walliams.


Best known as the host of The Gadget Show UK and The Gadget Show US, Jason has presented and produced hundreds of shows in a career spanning over two decades.

A complete tour-de-force when it comes to gadgets, gizmos, science and all things technical, he has been known to create his own successful inventions including the world’s first working jet-powered hoverboard. He also holds a private pilot’s license and is licensed to build transmitters by the Home Office!

Jason’s passion for science and technology is completely infectious and his confidence in his presentations shines through along with excellent comic abilities making him a popular choice both as a speaker and presenter. 

Among his interests, Jason boasts a large collection of exotic tech including; a mint-condition Sinclair C5 and the Easy Glider – a skateboard-towing electric drive wheel, his current favourite. He also owns several robots!

Something of an adrenaline junkie, Jason is a six-time world champion. His records include; the world’s fastest jet-powered luge, world’s fastest water powered car and world’s longest jump with an RC car.

As an author Jason has written three books in a series revolving round Dot Robot about a 12 year old boy genius who invents a robot crime-fighting force. The science in the books is real and mostly witnessed by Jason first hand. As a result, Jason has been found touring schools and festivals with the Dot Robot Roadshow, bringing science to youngsters first hand.

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