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Dr. Ian Pearson

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Ian Pearson graduated in maths and physics and has worked in various areas of engineering including aeronautics, cybernetics and sustainable transport. A full-time futurologist he was the former Head of BT Laboratories having joined the company as a performance analyst, before joining Futurizon. A Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society, he lectures extensively. Topics include environment and sustainability, pace of change, future, technology, innovation and business strategy.


A Doctor of Science, Ian Pearson is a Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society and holds a US Army Award for Excellence.

He graduated from Queens University, Belfast with degrees in applied mathematics and theoretical physics and has gone on to work in numerous branches of engineering including: aeronautics, cybernetics, sustainable transport, electronic cosmetics and missile design. He spent 22 years with British telecom where from 1991 to 2007 he also worked as their full-time futurologist, before leaving to set up Futurizon.

A leading futurist, keynote and after dinner speaker, Ian delivers his provocative and entertaining presentations all over the world. He discusses and predicts on all aspects of the technology driven future and how it will affect our everyday life in areas such as work, business leisure, fashion, politics, society in general, the environment and climate change. He lectures to a wide range of audiences from every sector of society and business highlighting the key changes ahead as a result of rapidly changing technology and without the use of complex jargon.

In addition to his speaking engagements, Ian can lay claim to some highly innovative inventions such as text messaging and active contact lenses.

He has written numerous books including a sci fi novel called Space Anchor and numerous works on sustainability. Titles include; Total Sustainability, Society Tomorrow: Growing Older in 21st Century Britain and You Tomorrow. In addition, Ian has made over 500 television and radio appearances.

His topics of speech include; futures, technology, business strategy, pace of change, innovation, environment and sustainability and IT.

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