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Greg Rutherford
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Greg Rutherford took Gold in London 2012 making him only the second British long-jumper to win the Olympic title since Lynn Davies in 1964, an achievement he followed with Bronze in Rio 2016. A talented all-round athlete, Greg had formerly won a trial with Premiership football club Aston Villa and was also selected for County badminton trials. Since retiring from track and field athletics, Greg has announced he is ready for his next sporting challenge, potentially as a cyclist. He has a keen sense of humour and is enthusiastic in all he attempts.


Greg Rutherford rose to fame in the sporting world the hard way, with no major sponsor behind him. Sheer hard work and determination earned him overnight stardom when he became Olympic Champion in 2012 at the London Games, in the long jump and thus triumphed as the first Briton to do so in 50 years. With his inherent modesty and humiliation, he believes he should have jumped farther not even attaining his personal best in the process! 

Coming from a sporting background with his Great Grandfather a Newcastle United player and Grandfather an Arsenal team member, Greg could just have easily secured himself a career in football, having trials with Aston Villa before turning to athletics and becoming the youngest ever AAA long jump champion at just 18. Having defended this title on two occasions he also achieved European Champion status before succumbing to injury. He failed to qualify for the final at the Beijing Olympics and was dogged by persistent injury and fitness issues for the following few seasons. In the run up to London 2012, things improved with Greg swapping British records and titles with his nearest British rival Chris Tomlinson. With no pressure on him to take Gold in London at his home Olympic Games, he jumped a respectable 8:21m to secure a place in the final, improving to 8:31m not only winning the title of Olympic Long Jump Champion but the hearts of the nation, contributing to the historical Super Saturday night along with Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis. Always striving for better, Greg took Gold at the Commonwealth Games 2014, became World Champion in the 2015 Beijing games jumping 8:41m in addition to topping the Diamond League in the same year and also winning the European Athletics title in 2016. He is the British long jump record holder

Frustrated not to have repeated his London Olympic success in Rio 2016, Greg has since retired from competitive sport and is 

In much demand as a sporting and after dinner speaker, Greg’s topics of speech include; striving for improvement, staying focused on end goals and managing pressure.

Always retaining a competitive streak, Greg was crowned Celebrity Masterchef winner in 2019.

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