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Gavin Esler

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An award-winning television and radio broadcaster, novelist and journalist, Gavin is well known for his presenting work at the BBC particularly on such shows as Dateline London, The Film Review and the current affairs programme Newsnight, a programme he joined following an eight year spell in America as BBC’s North America editor. His books include; Lessons From The Top and The United States of Anger.


The Times is quoted as saying “Esler understands the political bests better than anyone”. An award-winning television and radio broadcaster, novelist and journalist, he is best known for his work as the main presenter on BBC 2’s  Newsnight, a role he fulfilled for over a decade. Gavin has subsequently anchored on the BBC News Channel and BBC’s News at Five. 

Prior to this he served as the BBC Chief North America Correspondent during which time he covered both the Bush and Clinton administrations including the Monica Lewinsky hearings. 

Highly accomplished in his field, Gavin has been particularly acclaimed for his presenting of Dateline London and Hardtalk broadcast on BBC World and the BBC News Channel in addition to Radio 4’s Four Corners, in addition to The Film Review and Newsnight.

An experienced interviewer, Gavin has interviewed many of the world’s greatest leaders including, David Cameron, Margaret Thatcher, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, John Major, President Chirac, President Clinton and King Abdullah of Jordan to name but a few. He has also interviewed numerous figures from the arts world including, Angelina Jolie, Jose Carreras, Jane Fonda, Penelope Cruz and Dolly Parton.

As an author Gavin has written both fiction and non-fiction books and is a regular contributor to such publications as The Scotsman and The Independent.

Gavin has numerous awards and honours to his name including; a Royal Television Society Award for his reporting on the build-up of military action in the Aleutian Islands, 

He is the Chancellor of the University of Kent where he holds an Honorary Doctorate, a Doctorate of Letters from Glasgow Caledonian University, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a voting member of BAFTA.

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