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Dale Pinnock
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Dale Pinnock, aka The Medicinal Chef is fast becoming known as one of the UK’s leading experts on food and health. A nutritionist, TV chef, presenter and author, Dale combines evidence based nutrition with the art of cooking to create change towards a healthier lifestyle. His presentations are based on scientific fact, highlighting the importance of eating well and eating healthily.


With a degree in Human Nutrition and a post graduate diploma in Nutritional Medicine, Dale Pinnock combined his qualifications with his culinary skills to become a recognized television chef specializing in healthy eating and so earned himself the title of The Medicinal Chef. He has appeared on such shows as; This Morning, The Saturday Show, Late Lunch Live and is the presenter of Eat, Shop, Save.

The author of number of books on the subject, his best-selling titles include; The Medicinal Chef: Eat Your Way to Better Health and The Medicinal Chef : Healthy Every Day. For those with more specific needs, other publications provide information on eating healthily in connection with diabetes, anxiety and depression, heart disease, digestion and for a clearer skin.

 Dale is fast becoming one of the most prominent voices in the British media on the subject of healthy eating, basing his comments on scientifically proven fact. He has made numerous television appearances on such programmes as The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Lorraine, This Morning, Ireland’s Four Live, The Today Show and Ireland AM. 

Dale’s presentations highlight the ability to eat delicious, fresh wholesome and indulgent food while sharing information on what is good for you, how and why, in a straightforward no nonsense approach. 

In addition to television, Dale has a great deal of experience on radio where he is a popular choice on phone in shows. His appearances include The Chris Evans Show and Steve Wright in the Afternoon.

He is also a regular contributor to various print publications including The Daily Telegraph and several glossy magazines.

On the corporate front, Dales presentations cover such topics as; food and drink, nutrition, health and wellbeing and cooking demonstrations.

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