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Presenters & Awards Hosts - Consumer Interest/Lifestyle

We have a vast database of consumer interest/lifestyle celebrities available as awards hosts and after dinner speakers - whether live or virtual.

Matt Allwright

Paul Lewis

Fiona Bruce

James Martin

Lorraine Kelly CBE

Gok Wan MBE

Price Codes


Over £20K

£10K to £20K

£5K to £10K

£3K to £5K

£1K to £3K


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Consumer interest is something that affects all our daily needs from food to fashion, travel and transport, property, home and finance, sustainability and the environment to our health and well-being. 

In a constantly evolving world, we are frequently offered new challenges to explore, new products to try and different lifestyles to embrace but how do we know we have all the facts and the right information to make an informed decision? Above all how do we avoid the pitfalls that inevitably get in the way. 

Consumer rights play an integral role in so many of these areas which is why we focused on bringing you a wide variety of consumer experts among our celebrity presenters, hosts, moderators, facilitators, ambassadors and speakers.

On the business front, we understand exceptional customer service is a must for the success of any company.

We pride ourselves our impressive line-up of consumer experts, presenters, awards hosts, journalists, keynote and conference speakers delivering specialist advice on all areas of customer experience thus helping to build relationships and trust between companies, employees and clients.

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