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Carl Froch
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Former boxer Carl Froch is a four-time super middleweight world champion, having won twice with the WBC as well as taking the IBF and WBA titles.  Known for his aggressive, crowd pleasing style, Froch remained at the peak of his professional career for 14 years.


Known in boxing circles as Carl ‘The Cobra’ Froch, Carl is heralded as one of the brightest British boxing stars to ever emerge from the ring.

He recorded his first fight win as an amateur in 2001 at the World Amateur Boxing Championships in Belfast, before turning professional under the guidance of trainer Robert McCracken who, incidentally, worked with the 2012 British Olympic Boxing Team.

On a professional level, Froch took his first title in his tenth fight, stopping his opponent in the seventh round, his prize, the English Super-Middleweight belt. Other titles and accolades swiftly followed with Carl ultimately becoming four-time World Champion, IBF and WBA Super Middleweight Champion, and two-time WBC Super Middleweight Champion. 

His impressive career also allowed him to boast retaining the British title for over four years, beating some pretty formidable opponents in the process.

Carl retired from the ring in 2014 going on to work as a boxing analyst and commentator for Sky Sports.

Carl’s career has provided him with numerous fascinating stories and anecdotes with which to entertain on the after dinner speaker circuit. A natural communicator, Carl’s vivacious personality enables him to reach audiences at any level whether it be in motivational vein at conferences or hosting an event. His topics of speech also include creating a winning mentality and peak performance.

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