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Simon Weston
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Simon Weston CBE first came to the public eye after sustaining horrific injuries aboard the stricken RFA Sir Galahad landing ship during the 19982 Falklands War. Out of his platoon of 30 men, 22 were killed. Suffering 46% burns, Weston endured years of reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation showing immense courage in overcoming his injuries. His recovery has been well documented, and he has become an inspiration to all not least for his work as an active businessman and charity worker.


A veteran of the Falklands War, Simon Weston sustained 46% burns when RFA Sir Galahad on which he was serving, was destroyed in the Bluff Cove Attack early in the 1982 campaign.

His struggle to overcome his horrific injuries and subsequent story of courage and recovery have been well documented across the world showing him to be a true inspiration to all while becoming active in a number of successful business and charity ventures including The Weston Spirit, a young people’s charity in Liverpool.

Honoured on several occasions for his bravery and charity work, Simon’s story has been the subject of five major BBC documentaries. He has also reported for ITN on the 90th Anniversary of the First World War and returned to the Falkland Islands to film a 30th Anniversary documentary on the conflict.

An accomplished keynote and motivational speaker, Simon’s engaging manor, sense of humour and irrepressible enthusiasm, make him in great demand for his presentations where he highlights the importance of seizing the moment, having a positive mental attitude and the ability to turn any situation to your advantage, in order to achieve goals and overcome adversity, particularly in business. 

A successful businessman himself, Simon currently owns his own a security business in South Wales and is a Director of Zappawoo, a parent company of start-up Zap Escapes specialising in selling holidays to those with accessibility needs.

In addition to his corporate work, Simon has embarked on numerous theatre tours bringing his story to a wider audience and written a number of children’s books and provided the voice overs for some children’s stories on CBeebies.


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