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Liz Bonnin
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Despite beginning her presenting career on music shows, Liz’s roots are firmly in science. She has presented on programmes such as Springwatch, Autumnwatch, Horizon, Tomorrow’s World as well as Bang Goes the Theory, Super Smart Animals, Stargazing Live, a variety of geology series for Discovery Science, studying the science of volcanoes, earthquakes and ice ages not to mention her landmark documentary, Drowning in Plastic. Liz is the perfect host for natural history and science events including award ceremonies.


Having been interested in biology and chemistry from a young age, Liz studied biochemistry at university before taking a year out to travel and sing in a band which led to her presenting the IRMA Music Awards for Rte in Ireland. Continuing in presenter vein, she went on to film a documentary about tigers in Pench National Park, India before moving to Channel 4’s breakfast show Rise and diversely, presenting Top of the Pops for BBC1.

Returning to her scientific roots in 2008, Liz completed a Masters course in Wild Animal Biology which saw her set up a research project studying tigers in Nepal. She then decided to try her hand at presenting science programmes and immediately found herself hired to co-present Bang Goes the Theory on BBC1. Subsequent credits include; Tomorrow’s World, Springwatch and Autumnwatch, Drowning in Plastic, Blue Planet Live, Galapogus, Wild Alaska Live, the Big Blue Live series shot in Monterey and Should We Close Our Zoos. She also presented a new podcast for BBC Radio Five Live called What Planet Are We On which looks at the impact we are having on our planet and practical to solutions we can all adopt.

Passionate about tigers and conservation, Liz is an eloquent and committed speaker on such topics. She is also particularly in demand to host science and natural history related awards ceremonies including; the UK Young Scientist and Engineer of the Year Awards, the IET’s Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards and the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards.

Liz’s topics of speech include; The Problem with Plastic.

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