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Alastair Campbell

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Alastair Campbell is the former journalist, political aide and spin-doctor who served as Director of Communications and Strategy working with Tony Blair for over a decade. A prolific writer he has published a number of diaries, autobiographical books and novels including works on politics and sport. He is much sought after as a speaker on the topics of leadership, business strategy and politics.


For ten years, Alastair Campbell acted as Tony Blair’s right hand man, communication’s officer, strategist and chief spokesman during which time he was acclaimed for dealing with 6 major crises. Not always the most popular figure on the political stage, he was however, highly influential making considerable connections on both sides of the Atlantic. Often involved in controversy, Campbell was frequently in the headlines and made history as one of the four credited for creating New Labour with the modernization of The Labour Party. Reviled in certain sectors of the media, his loyalty, work rate and commitment were never in question and respected on all sides.

Following his resignation, Alistair continued to work in an advisory capacity, imparting his political and commercial wisdom to others. He has also published a number of volumes of his diaries in addition to novels and numerous features on such topics as sport and politics as well as increasing his support for his chosen charities.

Much in demand as a conference and after dinner speaker, Alistair combines experience with wit, to describe the relationship between government and media in addition to highlighting the components and strategies needed for strong leadership and success in business. He is also available as a conference facilitator and awards host.

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